Police Charge Chesterfield Elementary School Teacher with DUI and Texting While Driving Resulting in Accident

Tuesday, March 6th, Chesterfield County Police responded to an accident that occurred around 3:00 p.m. near Polo Parkway Intersection on Robious Road. Bettie Weaver Elementary School teacher, Kristen Grace Rawls, was cited for texting while driving and following too closely after she was involved in a car accident. Police officers were about to let the teacher go, but an officer discovered a broken bottle of Smirnoff next to her vehicle, Officers then suspected that another factor may have played a part of why the accident occurred. Officers were unable to first detect the smell of alcohol because of Kristen Rawls perfume. She was taken into custody after police conducted multiple field sobriety tests and failed.

Kristen’s blood alcohol content (BAC) was registered at a 0.23 even after given a breathalyzer test two hours past the time the accident took place. The legal blood alcohol content in the state of Virginia is .08, Rawls BAC was almost three times over the legal limit. Rawls also admitted to police that she was reading an email when the accident happened.

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